Dissolving our Karma: Week 2 – A Wise Man Asks for the Dharma


Here’s the readings and Dharma talk for the second week of this series of talks about what our karma is and how we can overcome it.

Audio file: Chapter 2 of the Diamond Sutra 

Audio file: Dharma talk by Chong Go Sunim



2) A Wise Man Asks for the Dharma

At that time,
the elder Bhikkhu, Subhuti,
arose from his place among those gathered near the Buddha.
He swept his robe over his right shoulder,
placed his right knee on the ground,
and kneeling thus with his palms together,

“How rare, oh World-honored One!
nondually does Tathagata guide and manage
the innumerable transformation bodhisattvas arising from one mind,
nondually does Tathagata direct and make use of all
the response bodhisattvas of one mind!

“World-honored One,
if I have understood correctly,
you have taught us that
when men and women awaken to the highest truth,
they are able to respond
positively, wisely, proactively,
to the impermanence of every place and thing,
of every life and creation.

As they become one with the unenlightened beings within their body,
all of those beings naturally surrender and follow one mind.
When nothing is not themselves
this nondual mind
is able to instantly manifest and send forth whatever is needed.”

“Excellent, Subhuti! Excellent!” replied the Buddha.
“It is as you have said.
‘Tathagata’ means the mind where
inside and outside are already one,
and so the Tathagata guides and controls
the transformation, response, and manifestation
of all the innumerable bodhisattvas existing within.

Now, listen carefully, and I’ll tell you something special:
Wise women and men
who want to awaken to the highest truth,
have to manage the lives within themselves
by becoming one with them.
They have to take these consciousnesses,
these inner lives of one mind,
which aren’t yet moving in accord with one mind,
and cause these lives to surrender
and follow one mind.”

“Thank you, World-honored One!
Your words fill me with joy!
Can you please speak more about this?

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