The Five Precepts


We’ll be holding the yearly precepts ceremony for laypeople this November, so I thought I’d put these up. They shouldn’t be understood as something designed to control you, rather, they are reflections of the way the world really works. Inherently all beings share the same mind, the same body, the same life, work together as one, and freely give and receive whatever is needed. When we live in tune with this, then our own life goes much more smoothly, with fewer painful situations.
Along with fewer painful events, there are fewer karmic hindrances, and fewer hindrances to us being able to perceive this great flowing for ourselves. Svaha! 

The Five Precepts

The Precept of Not Killing:
Knowing that all other lives are part of your life, treat all other bodies as your own.

The Precept of Not Stealing:
Letting go of desires for others’ possessions, cultivate a spirit of generosity.

The Precept of Avoiding Improper Sexual Conduct:
Letting go of lust and harmful states of mind, strive to keep your mind pure.

The Precept of Avoiding Harmful Speech:
Refrain from lying, and being careful of what you say, live with truth and sincerity.

The Precept of Avoiding Intoxicants:
Avoid drinking to excess, and for the sake of yourself and others, live with moderation.


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