The Noon Blessing (상단축원): The power of intention

joseph oregon

This the noon blessing we use at our centers. It’s a a fairly long text, and follows the tradition style, but one of the things I really like about it is how diverse and broad-minded the intentions are. It definitely made me think of a some aspects in ways I hadn’t before. Take a look, or a listen, and think about some of the different ways you can raise positive intentions, and try to come up with one for your life. Here’s a recording of this in English.




The Noon Blessing

All Buddhas throughout all realms,
all the limitless treasure-beings of one mind,
all the infinite Dharma net that connects all things,
both living and dead,
Please remember your great compassionate vows,
Please be present here today,
Please hear these intentions and offer your help.
Treasures of one mind,
may we always be present with your great compassion
may we always be one with this great energy of one mind,
may we always put this into practice,
throughout all aspects of our life.
May all the virtue we have accumulated since time immemorial
comfort those still trapped in suffering,
may it help those striving for enlightenment,
and may it lead all beings, all together,
to true freedom.

May this virtue help the entire world to be at peace,
may the great light of one mind shine brighter each day,
and may all beings far and wide encounter the Buddha’s teachings.
May these great teachings spread without cease,
may this land be at peace and harmony for generation after generation.
May the great light of the Buddha-dharma fill all realms.

Here at this place,
on this middle world called the Earth,
We raise the great intention that
within this country, everyone is at peace and safe,
that South and North Korea shall be peacefully reunified,
that all the world may be tranquil
that the Earth should be free of all great disasters.

Here at this temple where the reflection of our true mind
can be seen like the moon in pure water,
with the utmost sincerity, with these pure offerings,
We raise the intention that all Bhikkus and Bhikkunis, Shramanera,
Shramaneri, and postulates here at this temple are all healthy and safe.
May each and every layman, laywoman,
and child be healthy and safe.

Through the great compassionate, protecting power of one mind,
manifested by all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
may each one of us attain that which all beings long for.
May we all be free of serious disease,
healthy, and live our full term of years.
May our senses and perceptions be free of desire and attachments,
and may we always enjoy the company the virtuous and wise.
May our hardships come to an end.
May every kind of virtue and blessing grow within us, and wherever we go,
may good fortune ever flow forth.

Physically, may we all be free from the sufferings of disease and disaster,
Mentally, may we all be free from every kind of lust, obsession, and hatred,
and never again be seduced by these.
Spiritually, may all those practice meditation have the great question burst open,
and enlightenment shine forth from within them.
Let all those who study the sutras open the eye of wisdom,
and may they truly understand how the things of this world work.
Let all those who practice chanting,
experience samadhi and be grounded in it.

May everyone who drives cars be safe and avoid all accidents.
May those cultivating the good seeds of virtue and merit,
achieve success in accord with their capacity to handle that,
and the efforts they have made.

May all those who’ve lost their way,
may all those who are confused,
find the bright path.

Let us remember the great determination that first arose within us,
and follow that now to true awakening.
As we do so, may all hindrances and obstacles drop away.
Let each and every one of us be filled with the joy of knowing our true nature.

Here in this place,
with our utmost sincerity,
with these pure offerings,
we raise the intention that each and every person,
be safe and healthy,
and with the great protective power of our one mind,
manifested by all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
may they be safe wherever they go,
whether on long journeys or just short errands,
may all their encounters be positive and joyous,
and may disaster and misfortune always be strangers.

May every kind of legal trouble,
every kind of natural disaster and civil disorder,
and diseases of all types
utterly vanish.

May our families all be harmonious,
and far from the presence of those with evil intentions.
May couples love each other and get along well,
and may brothers and sisters care for and look after each other.
May those who are teenagers not get caught up
in activities that darken their spirit.

May others’ lives always be
just as precious as our own.
Don’t covet those things that belong to others,
let go of deceptiveness and overblown pride,
speak truthfully
and uphold trust,
and in all circumstances,
cultivate bright and upright wisdom,
always relying upon our inner foundation.
In this way, may we all come to realize our inherent nature.

May each and every one of us be filled with joy,
and may these intentions become the reality of our lives.
May the great power of one mind,
realized by all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
protect and look after everyone here today.
May it shelter and guide all those unenlightened beings
who are lost and suffering.

Having evolved over eons beyond measure,
until at last reaching this point,
we take all of the karma that we’ve created
through the five kinds of desires
and the ten evil actions,
and every kind of ignorance,
and entrust all this karma
to the compassionate power of one mind,
where it will all melt down.

May all those who follow the Buddha’s Way
keep experiencing the deep truth of this,
and never lose sight of this path.
May they always be surrounded by the compassionate love of all Buddhas
of the past, present, and future,
and may they always meet awakened teachers.
In a single flash of lightning,
may they forever transcend birth and death,
and attain the highest states of enlightenment.

May all beings brighten and deepen their wisdom without delay.
Here now, before all heavenly and human realms we raise this intention.
All of us here at Hanmaum Seon Center and all of its branches
raise the great intention that water, fire, and wind should
all flow and circulate harmoniously.

We are all sharing this Earth together,
so the sea levels should not rise.
We are all living together as one body,
so there should be no great earthquakes.
As they go about their daily lives,
may all beings be free of accidents.
May all beings be free from poverty.
May every place of practice be protected,
and may its energy continue without end.

May all the work on behalf of helping people
to know about this great one mind,
may all these tasks, both large and small,
be free of hindrances from beginning to end.

May each and every one of us be filled with grace,
and may all of these great intentions become the reality of our lives.
Neither the living nor the dead are separate from each other,
with this in mind,
we raise the intention that all spirits
who have a connection with those of us here today,
whether from this life or past lives,
whether they were our grandparents, parents, brothers or sisters,
nieces, nephews, or even our children,
whether present here today,
or in the next town or the one beyond that,
whether awakened or lost in darkness,
whether currently having a body or not,
whether they are able to live freely,
or are caught up in ignorance,
may they all gather together here, now,
like streams flowing to the ocean.

May every kind of suffering spirit,
may every spirit with a connection to Buddhism,
or any other religion,
may every spirit around the world,
through the virtue of their affinity with those here today,
or through the virtue of their ability to be touched by our intentions,
may each and every one of these spirits,
immediately enter one of the heavenly realms,
and there meet Amita Buddha.
May they thus give rise to the desire for enlightenment.
Having thus done so,
may they be reborn in a virtuous realm,
where they are able to practice and awaken.

May all of us as well be reborn in the heavenly realms.
May all of us here,
practitioners at this temple,
as well as those in other places,
understand the meaning of “one mind,”
and so get along harmoniously with each other,
and so keep brightening the light of our inherent nature,
and without delay,
attain true and upright enlightenment.

Let us never forget the kindnesses
and blessings of Buddhas and awakened teachers,
let us never forget the grace that we have received,
and thus always work to help free those beings
still lost in suffering.

Let us always go forward,
in this life and those to come,
following the path of the Bodhisattva
and thus attain ultimate enlightenment!
Let it be so!

Namu Sakyamuni Buddha,
Namu Sakyamuni Buddha,
Namu Sakyamuni Buddha!


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