True Knowing: When energy silently flows back and forth – Finding a New Hope, Week 6


Here’s this week’s talk! This is a really important topic, about how we can find our own way forward. Once we begin to get a sense of our inherent nature, and begin working with it, we begin to know what we have to do, what the next step is for us.

Daehaeng Kun Sunim: In cases like that, the parents need to have first developed their own practice to a certain point, then they will be able to guide their children. I think you’d better guide him by telling him the analogy of the tree and its root, and encouraging him to have faith in the true nature that’s always leading him. Once he begins to feel and experience this working in his daily life, he won’t lose sight of it.

Question: I gave him a book published by the Center, called Maum ui bulsi (The Living Spark Within) and although he read it and said he understood it, it didn’t seem so to me.

Daehaeng Kun Sunim: Listen, if you want him to know about this, then stop trying to do it through words. Let go of any idea that you know something, or even that you don’t know something, and just let the electrical wire that is your mind make contact with the wire that is your son’s side. When they connect, energy and light will flow naturally between both sides. This is how to help him know the essence of spiritual practice.

Anyway, it would be better for you to entrust the following, “This true nature, Juingong, will help him find the bright light within himself.” If you truly let go and entrust this, then that will be communicated and he’ll start to see his own light.

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