Finding a new hope: Week 1 – the Morning bell chant

Here’s the link to this week’s talk in this new series of English Dharma talks

We’re having a new series of English Dharma talks here at Hanmaum Seon Center in South Korea, and I’ll be (re)recording them and posting them here with the basic reading for each week. 

A major focus for this series of talks is going to be the thoughts we give rise to. This text, the morning bell chant, is (usually) the first thing monks and nuns hear each day.

Opening Verse (개경게)
All Buddhas’ minds are always there within my one mind.
Buddha’s mind can be realized in an instant,
but without knowing this instant, eons are spent wandering in suffering.
All Buddhas minds are one with my one mind,
and the truth taught by all Buddhas infuses everything I see, hear, and do.
All aspects of daily life, as well as the teachings of Buddha, are my one mind.

Mantra for opening the Treasure House of Dharma (개법장진언)
When I entrust everything that confronts me, and everything I do, to my one mind,
it takes care of it all.
May the sounds of this bell spread throughout all realms.
May it brighten even the darkest realms of hell.
May the suffering of animals, hungry ghosts, and those living in hell realms be
extinguished, and may the hell of knives collapse.
May all beings attain this virtuous enlightenment.
Homage to Vairocana, the loving and noble one of the Lotus World, who took the
jade scroll from the treasure chest of sutras and expounded upon the golden words
of the jeweled gatha:
“Every single particle is interconnected and interpenetrated with every other;
all realms are melded together and form one great whole.”
The one billion, ninety-five thousand and forty-eight characters of this teaching
are the complete teaching of the one vehicle. Homage to the great and vast Flower
Ornament Sutra.

The first verse (제일게)
If you would truly understand the Buddhas of all times, then you should deeply
reflect upon the truth of the Dharma-realm – that everything is created through

The mantra that breaks open all hell realms (파지옥진언)
Namu ah-da shi-ji-nam sam-mak sam-mot-da ku-chi-nam
om ah-ja-na ba-ba-shi ji-li ji-li hum.

In praise of our Buddha-nature
I vow to always follow one mind,
regardless of what others may do.
My heart will always be with one mind,
my thoughts will never leave one mind.
Deeply observing the Dharma realm,
I realize that there is an unseen thread
that connects absolutely everything.
This non-dual one mind exists in every single place.
In order to awaken and perceive this,
which has always been here,
I take refuge in one mind,
ever present, taking care of everything throughout all realms.
This is not something that can disappear or be caused to appear.
Namu Amitabul







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