Recording of the Thousand Hands Sutra, in English

Our temple guardian 🙂

The English lectures on the Thousand Hands Sutra concluded last Thursday with a summary lecture over the last part of the book. I’m going to be traveling for a bit, so I won’t have time to record that lecture right away, but when I return, I’ll record another three lectures and cover the last section of this Sutra. I hope this has been helpful, and a learning experience!


Below is a link to a recording of the full sutra, without commentary.

4 thoughts on “Recording of the Thousand Hands Sutra, in English”

  1. Dear Chong Go Sunim, I write in appreciation and thanks for your loving effort in bringing Daehaeng Sunim’s voice and continuing spiritual presence to the speakers of many languages. The Thousand Hands Sutra is a wonderful gift.
    In dharma, with hands palm to palm, Eko

  2. Dear Chong Go Sunim,

    I really wish to thank you for these wonderful Dharma talks. They are very clear and helpful. I also appreciate the recording of the Thousand Hands Sutra as I am unable to get my hands on the published version of it (Thousand Hands of Compassion). I eagerly look forward to more Dharma talks in the future.

    PS. Happy belated Buddha’s Birthday!

    Bowing with palms together,

    Devin Buchanan

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