The Thousand Hands Sutra, Week 8


Here’s this week’s talk on the Sutra of the Thousand Hands of Compassion. This week it features what I jokingly (sort of) call the “hell-set”, a series of verses about how the handle the hellish states of mind that arise. Take a listen and I hope you find it helpful.

with palms together,
Chong Go

My one mind hears and answers
all the cries of the world,
so I return to my one mind and rely upon it.

Mind freely manifests and functions everywhere.
Let me discover that all enlightened
teachers are my one mind.

Should the hell of knives arise within my mind,
let the all embracing energy of one mind
cause this hell to collapse.

A single thought causes my mind
to fall into the hell of boiling water,
but when that thought is dissolved,
this hell also collapses.

All of the hell realms within my mind
as the thoughts that gave rise to them
are extinguished.

When my mind acts like a hungry ghost,
my one mind can embrace that consciousness.
Experiencing oneness,
it is truly fulfilled.

When I rely upon my one mind for everything,
should the mind of an evil spirit arise within me,
it will willingly surrender to my one mind.

Should the mind of an animal arise within me,
let me learn the truth of non-duality
through the deep wisdom of one mind.

Through one mind I take refuge in
Buddha, who watches over and takes care
of all material and nonmaterial realms.

5 thoughts on “The Thousand Hands Sutra, Week 8”

  1. No comments, eh? well, I want my prize! This is a nice blog, but it is like behind the bushes of little country road with no traffic – not many visitors! Perhaps it is better to post Dharma talks on YouTube channel and Facebook page devoted to Dharma with links to youtube and this blog can be more of a discussion place. Now about a prize – I have a feeling there are KunSunim’s teachings that have not been published in English yet- I want them. Ha!
    I also have a feeling you don’t know what hell feels like, well, good for you, but don’t underestimate the suffering of even a lobster, if you would feel what the lobster feels you wouldn’t be so chill about it, let alone higher animals, or people
    Thank you for the Dharma talk, this is actually very difficult practice, because it is not just me and my little mind, “me” can be that lobster and the one who wants to murder it, it is utterly difficult because it is One, because it is without bounderies, because it is all me and yet it isn’t

  2. dear Sunim

    I recently received the thousand Sutra , week 8 The Thousand Hands Sutra, Week 8

    April 17, 2016 by Chong Go Sunim every week, I download your column and keep them as important text but I didn’t week 7 series. I wonder that I missed your week 7 series or you skip it foe any reason. would you give me some information or guidance? I really appreciate your teaching and offering

    palms together hyunduk, cho

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