All beings sharing

This is my all-time favorite verse, from Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s translation of the Heart Sutra. It causes everything within me to settle down, and shows me how I need to be living.



all beings share the same life,

the same mind,

the same body,

and work together as one,

giving and receiving whatever is needed,

ceaselessly manifesting and changing.

But because unenlightened beings don’t know this,

they walk the path of suffering.

3 thoughts on “All beings sharing”

  1. There’s a story KunSunim tells in one of the books, saying don’t take it as just a story – about a girl and the bringing back the bright star. That story and this what you posted – these are very profound messages- teachings that can be overlooked because their scope is so immense. The practice of what you wrote above doesn’t really happen without that what is said in that story. If you think you know how you need to be living, then think again while not thinking about living. From what I see from KunSunim’s teachings is that there are layers and if you let it “zoom in”, it will expand to the size of the universe. Also there’s great responsibility. It is not just your living, there are huge things that needs to be done. Although practice starts from small and in simple daily life, it needs to progress and it needs to accomplish things. It’s absolutely has to, KunSunim said it clearly, it is very important that we do

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