Magok Temple

This is the back entrance, on the path from the continuing education center

I recently returned from a stay near one of the oldest extent temples in Korea, Magok Sa. It’s near Kongju, in South Chung Chong Province, and if you’re nearby, be sure to stop in.

This pagoda has a lot of very unique elements, and is believed to have been influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. It was built some time in the 1300’s










The two story Dharma Hall of Magok Temple


2 thoughts on “Magok Temple”

  1. Looks nice! We tried to find it one day, but the taxi didn’t want to drive us there and Eunbong didn’t want to walk, so we ended up at Daecheon beach… (not that bad of a trade off!)

    Barry, thanks for sharing. Have you visited? When I finally do visit, I’ll see if I can make it up to the hermitage and bow in respect to ZM Seung Sahn.

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