The Spark

I’m currently working on the introduction for a collection of Dharma songs, but some of the songs are so beautiful and profound that it’s hard for me to know where to begin. Anything I write about them seems shallow by comparison. Sometimes all I can do is exhale and say “thank you.”  

At the center of our vast
and completely empty mind,
there is an eternal spark.

With this spark
I quietly light the sublime lantern
that so faithfully guides me.
I’ll take this lantern
and spread it’s light
all over the world,
sharing its boundless compassion
with all I meet.

This one mind,
deep and deep,
so deep,
so profound and mysterious,
within this is the truth of “embracing everything,”
within this one mind
flows the sweet water
that can truly save all beings,
the water that has the power of all the sincere tears ever cried.
I’ll drink deeply of this spring water,

and no longer be caught by life and death,
and together with all beings,
I’ll take the path of this truth
that transcends all fixed forms and ideas.

–Daehaeng Kun Sunim

1 thought on “The Spark”

  1. Very beautiful and profound indeed. What is there to write about them, maybe only that this needs to be felt and experienced through your own mind; with initial effort and faith the road would unfold by itself and words would be in perfect tune with our ultimate potential. With nurishment of this profound Dharma, the meaning and truth that is inherent within everyone, would grow and unfold to its true reality. In other words – here is the short description of what limitless potential your being has, try to direct your faith within, especially because the teacher who said these words has compassion as vast and limitless as the Universe.

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