Building a New Dharma Hall

For the last several years, my Dharma brothers have been working on building a new Dharma Hall. I’m quite proud of them both because they’ve been doing such an incredible job, and because they’ve been waiting untill they have all of the money necessary before starting each phase. (No borrowing money!) It’s taken seven or eight years now, (I can’t remember), but the work is nearing completion. They’re just finishing the painting and artwork, and the next step will be installing the flooring and then the Buddha statue. Here are some photos I took yesterday; click on the images to see a larger version.

Here’s the Dharma Hall
Here you can see part of the carved wooden panel that will stand behind the Buddha statue

The interior scaffoding goes up the ceiling, and provides a rare opportunity to examine the artwork on the ceiling and the supporting beams
Every single aspect of the artwork has great meaning. Here the colored bands represent waves of energy radiating outward into the world, from our fundamental Buddha essence. (perhaps you noticed the golden bat? Traditionally bats are regarded as Dharma protectors in Korean Buddhism. Hmm, so when I was reading all the comic books, I was actually studying the Dharma!)
Did I mention that this was a bit high off the ground?!
Details of the ceiling artwork

The ceiling panels

7 thoughts on “Building a New Dharma Hall”

    1. I love the artwork and the “Dan-chung”. They used a much more subtle set of colors than is usual, and instead of doing all of the wood in bright red, they used a paint/stain that resembles the wood’s original color. So for the most part, where you see wood in these paintings, that’s the finished color.

    2. Check out the fifth photo. There’s a golden bat in the painting. It turns out that bats have traditionally been regarded as Dharma protectors in Korea. I’m suddenly feeling proud of have been a Batman fan when I was a kid!

  1. It is a gorgeous building. They are using the money to hire professionals right? Or buying supplies and doing the work themselves?
    What city/town is this located?

    1. Hi Gerald,
      Yes, most of the work is done by professionals. We’ve done some stuff ourselves in the past, but, umm, the difference is quite clear!! With the heavy stuff, professionals do the work much quicker and safer(!), and the artwork and creativity of the designs really are high-level art. There’s an amazing amount of subtle know-how involved in even the seemingly obivous parts.

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