You and I as One

Here’s another spectacular Dharma song that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. (Click on the link below to listen to it being sung by our choir at the Dharma song festival last autumn.)

You and I as One

Even a small, ignored weed
is also myself.
There’s not a single thing
that isn’t my shape,
that’s not my life.
Evolving over a billion lives,
I had no idea
that my shape was also there within others,
that others’ shape was also my shape.

That shape is also my shape,
that shape is my shape….
Trying not to see them as separate,
trying not to see them as separate,
finally becoming one,
finally becoming one,
they all become Bodhisattvas,
I too become a Bodhisattva,
become a Bodhisattva.

1 thought on “You and I as One”

  1. I was just thinking about the staggering amount of ignorance, how very little amount of people know to look within and even less know their true nature, it is strange that the mind spins outward so much that the thought about anything within does not even occur, as I had thoughts like that I opened this site and here is the answer how to help that. However I find the music rather unpleasant, from just listening to it, it does not really feel like Dharma song, but more like a choir song of Soviet times that I grew up with (didn’t mean to critisize people’s singing and music, just saying about the feeling of the sound).
    If I could properly do what the words say I would feel much better, because I do worry even about ignored weeds, existance is too stressful…

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