Dharma songs: Smooth the Rough Edges

Last November, we had a huge festival of Dharma songs here in Seoul. The singing was truly spectacular, as were the contents of the song. Listen to the song as you read through its lyrics, and see if it doesn’t touch you! (You may have to open the song in a new window while viewing this page. Let me know in the comments if the music isn’t playing for you.)

Smooth the Rough Edges and Become a Free Person

The Gugeong Pagoda on Buddha’s Birthday (at Hanmaum Seon Center)

When you’re able to use your mind harmoniously and generously
you’ll be able to use it freely,
becoming one with others
and manifest according to the need.
This harmonious mind can become smaller than the smallest dot,
and larger than the vastest universe.

Returning things inwardly makes your mind harmonious,
raising harmonious thoughts
helps you be more thorough about returning things inwardly.
Returning things inwardly also gives rise to compassion and caring.
If you have just compassion, just caring,
everything can be melted down,
and anything can be achieved.

If you can return things inwardly
you can communicate with everything.
You can become one with Buddhas,
one with a bug or a blade of grass.
Everything is also yourself!

With equanimity, with an empty mind,
observe your inner foundation,
without any thought of trying to see it:
This what it means to return things inwardly and observe.

Seeing everything as one,
embracing everything
without learning to one side or the other,
this is equanimity.

When everything has been put down
when there’s nothing left to hold onto,
and not even the thought that you have to put something down,
this is empty mind.

When you have such generous and harmonious attitude,
you can become one with all life
one with the whole universe.

This mind can make even rough things harmonious and generous,
and can find a use for them.
Not a single thing is thrown away!
This mind becomes one with all life.

This mind can make even rough things harmonious and generous,
and can find a use for them.
Not a single thing is thrown away!
This is compassion!

copyright 2011, The Hanmaum Seonwon Foundation

2 thoughts on “Dharma songs: Smooth the Rough Edges”

  1. very beautiful! There was a concert in Toronto too, but it was mostly Korean community though and it was organized on an amature level, it was sad for me to see that such beautiful songs were not really heard much, in a way, it is like singing one thing but doing the other, because if the concert would be of Korean Buddhist Choir mosty and not of many other things like children’s dancing and tap dancing and long, long changes between each number, if there were proper advertising for the event, better organization, more people would come and not just Korean community which came to a free concert; it is like having a treasure and not sharing it with others. Here, I complained, because it is upseting that the concert could’ve been remarkable with beautiful Dharma songs which SO MANY people would’ve enjoyed and it woud’ve touched them deeply, however who wants to see some local “church” kids/people tap dancing, it is more local thing, just for the small community, but the Choir is more wider thing, it should’ve been shared with wider audience, focusing on singing the Dharma songs, especially in a city like Toronto, there would’ve been much interest in that.
    Thank you for posting this beautiful Dharma song, and sorry for complaining, just wanted these songs to be heard…

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