Always Flowing and Changing

 Here’s another poem by Daehaeng Kun Sunim that’s been turned into a Dharm song.  The ideas she expresses in just a few lines have such nuances and depths to them…. “Start where you are, really, you have everything you need. *Really* you don’t need to go looking somewhere else. I’m not kidding! It’s not something you can grasp, but it’s there. Just learn to rely upon it. Discover the implications of this as you go, and learn to be a force for good in the world. Really! It’s all with you already!”

Always Flowing and Changing

This world is where the Buddha-dharma exists,
and where enlightenment is found.
Searching for great wisdom,
while ignoring what arises in this world,
is like looking for a rabbit with horns.

Take the idea
that transcending this world is the way,
or that involvement with the world is a deluded path,
and stomp both these ideas to pieces.
Then the great wisdom of your inherent nature
can freely flow forth.

                     -Daehaeng Kun Sunim

8 thoughts on “Always Flowing and Changing”

  1. It could be so easy, if we hadn’t this tricky fondness for implications and detours, haha.

    Thank you for Dahaeng Sunims wonderful words and have a nice Sunday, Sunim!

  2. “Take the idea/that transcending this world is the way,/or that involvement with the world is a deluded path,/and stomp both these ideas to pieces.”

    Oh yes! I like this very much. Just what I needed to hear too.

    When is a collection of Kun Sunim’s poems coming out?!

    1. Hey Marcus,
      I too really love the “stomp both of these to pieces” expression!
      Things are looking pretty good for this collection of poems/songs, with a book coming out in October.

  3. this is the meaning of Tantra basically, and this also is Mahamudra teaching, the truth is the truth, whatever words/images are used – the essence should be the same, and when you thouroughly see that it is the same, then you can truly feel this song is yours. This poem/teaching is like an ocean’s wind in your face, it puts what “it” is right in your face, and when you breathe it in, it becomes yours, in other words – I do love Kun Sunims teachings

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