The Reality of Life

 In this poem that’s become a Dharma song, Daehaeng Kun Sunim describes a bit of the nature of our fundamental mind. Understanding this isn’t enough, we have to take what bits we understand and do our best to keep applying them to our daily life. Then the nature of how things truly are will gradually become clear to us.


Living in this eternal moment is the reality of life,
throughout all creation,
there’s nothing that’s not the manifestation of one mind.

Even being born as a human is the manifestation of one mind,
the skillful means of one mind.
Awaken to this one mind,
escape from the suffering of samsara,
and discover what it means to truly be free.

There’s no reason to talk about the past or the future,
for this moment is eternal.

Throughout all this world,
every single thing is the manifestation of Buddha.
Across the heavens and the earth,
at each and every place,
the Buddha is fully present.

Everything is the unfolding of one mind,
it’s compassion,
it’s light.

3 thoughts on “The Reality of Life”

  1. No matter how much I agree with and totally love these teachings, part of me, sometimes a bigger part, really tired of ‘everything is manifestation of Buddha”, because there is so much nonsence and horrible cruelty weaved into the whole fabric of life that I don’t know why Buddha would manifest as all sorts of suffering, sometimes it seems that I do know why, but those moments pass, sometimes all I can think about is how much I do not want to be reborn at all, and sometimes I do not want to leave anybody behind. I am so tired in a very fundamental way, maybe real practice begins when you just ready to give up.
    Anyway, I love this poem, it beams with love, and the teacher beams with light.

  2. I think part of this is related to something else Kun Sunim says alot, “Understand how Mind works, and keep working on putting that into practice.” I’m pretty sure it’s because we don’t know how things work, and are trying to go in the wrong direction, that there are so many painful and unpleasent things in this world.

  3. The existance itself then going in the wrong direction, because it is suffering even at its best. If everybody and everything would know how things work then they would not be existing.
    “There’s no reason to talk about the past or the future, for this moment is eternal.” – this is also something very nice by itself, but it cannot be done literally, if you live you have to have the past and future in your mind together with your present, otherwise it is like a mind of an insect, what I am trying to say that this very phraze have to be understood not in a literal sence, otherwise your life is disconnected with everything else, the only option would be to die and even then you would be swept into existance again. I obviously do not really understand how Mind works since I have so many questions and frustrations with life in general, I even hate spring, because it brings lots of suffering like insects, pollen(!) which triggers choking on your own cough from allergies- I hate plant procreation and any other procreation, baby birds fallen from nests and watching them suffer is painful and there are billion of other things everywhere, …then I have to find a job that is not too stupid so I could earn something and still be there for my child, so I think I really agree with what one monk here said “life is just waiting to die” , I just wish this wait would be more comfortable. These are my thoughts for today, practice is hard work and not practice is much worse. The only thing that keeps me going is this love from deep within towards me and towards everything else, it’s like I am in love with myself, not me-self, but my..well, you know what.
    The crazy woman have spoken, now she has to go make lunch for her daughter 🙂

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