So, the Buddha and Santa walk into a bar….

Okay, that’s all I got so far! If you have any great ideas on how to end this (in a positive way), have at it in the commments!
(And thanks to Marcus for the awesome card!)

But have a happy and safe 2012, and may everyone grow and be at peace in the new year.

with palms together,
Chong Go Sunim

13 thoughts on “So, the Buddha and Santa walk into a bar….”

  1. Santa pulls on the Buddha’s robe and says, “What – is this some kind of joke?”

    (cue snare drum roll and cymbal crash)

    Thank you! Thank you! I’m here all week. Try the pot roast and be kind to your waiter…

  2. “Santa pulls on the Buddha’s robe and says, “What – is this some kind of joke?””
    LOL! Brilliant! Really laughing out loud here!

    My feeble effort isn’t exactly all my own work, but it’s the best I can do….

    So, the Buddha and Santa walk into a bar….
    …….just in time for Happy Hour.

    (Ah, it’s the way I tell ’em!)

    Happy New Year everyone! (And fabulous challenge Chong Go Sunim!)

  3. Santa says, “I’m having the milk and cookies, what’s a skinny guy like you gonna have, some of that rice milk broth?”


    Santa says, “I am so tired from delivering all those presents. The Buddha replies, “hmmm that’s interesting I never get tired of offering presence to people. Maybe you need a new vehicle. There’s the Mahayana…….”

    Okay, okay, it’s the best I could do. I’m still chewing on it. Good starter line though.

  4. Buddha and Santa walk into a bar you say…well, Buddha is enlightened being, so, as such, he is kind of always present everywhere and Santa is from Dutch Sinter Klaas – Saint Nickolas, who was a very religious man and he was known for his kindness and generosity, he helped alot of people, so now he might be enlightened being too. Maybe they went to the bar because Santa was crying and telling Buddha that nobody wants the real gift – the gift of true knowledge, so Buddha took him to a crowded bar and said that it is empty, so there is nobody to receive the gifts anyway.
    the end. Don’t tell me it is not positive.

  5. LOL, great fun here…

    ok. let me see.

    So, the Buddha and Santa walk into a bar…where Rudolph, holding his fith drink, is already waiting for them. ‘Nice to see you, guys’, the barman welcomes them. ‘Btw: Same procedure?’ ‘Same procedure as every year!’ *(chorus)

    Happy New Year to everyone – may we all be happy in 2012!!

    love, evelyn

    *hope you all know Freddie Frinton’s ‘Dinner for one’. it’s a MUST on New Year’s eve in German…every party starts with it.

  6. … and Santa says “boy, you really better start doing some yearly downpayments like me or this whole Kharma bubble will become a Ponzi scheme” The Budha answers: “there is no yerterday, nor tomorrow, have a drink”

    Sorry for the late answer

  7. Here, one more:

    Santa says: “boy am I tired… You sure got it sweet with your meditation business model, no physical delivery…”

    Buddha replies: that’s because I’ve improved my karma. Believe me, you can get there, I used to be Rudolph in a previous live and btw, he’s got a rougher deal than you…”

    Santa looks at the poor reindeer, standing out in the cold, squalid and exhausted. He’s been beating the animal lately to meet deadlines and it’s in a quite miserable state.

    He laughs bitterly:
    “Hohoho, you sure were naughty in your previous life, what did you do?”
    “Well, I was… Santa”

    Santa has a sinking feeling. He turns around to look at the deer again. When he looks back to the Buddha, he’s not there. Only the unpaid bill for the drinks is left on the counter. The Buddha has written on it “Dear Santa: this year I have been good…”

    Yeah, so out of season… But my daughter keeps on playing “Rudolph” on the piano…

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