The Message of the Stone Statue (Dharma song)

The Message of the Stone Statue(돌 장승 우는 소식, here’s a practice version Message of the Stone Statue(Korean 20111023). The levels for the piano are a bit off, but you can get a good feel for the song.)

There’s a chill in the air,
when the frost comes, white flowers will cover the earth.
Those who have no eyes must feel so sad, unable to see.
Those who have no ears must feel so frustrated, unable to hear.
Those who have no hands must feel so hungry, unable to lift food to their mouth.
Those who have no feet must feel so lonely, unable to go or come.

Over that mountain,
on the path that Spring travels,
a stone statue, with tears of joy in its eyes,
is telling everyone that Spring is on the way.
Ah! How could we not know this promise of ripened flowers?!

Warm Spring is coming!
When the flowers blossom,
their fragrance will fill the land.
What a wonderful sight for those who have eyes that see!
What freedom for those who have ears that hear!
What satisfaction for those who can easily lift many hands
and help beings far and wide!
And for those whose broad feet can carry them far and wide,
without hindrance!

Over that mountain, in a valley
blossoming arrowroot vines
spread the news of Spring.
Ah! From the white-peaked mountain,
streams of thoroughly ripe water flow forth!

Even with walking, seeing, and listening,
After putting a foot on the ground,
Before lifting another up,
nothing is there.
The moon shines in a thousand rivers,
reaching in and grabbing for it,
eh-he-hah, de-he-hah!
opening my hand again,
could I even say that it came and went?

(verses by Daehaeng Sunim, English translation copyright 2011 Hanmaum Seonwon Foundation)

3 thoughts on “The Message of the Stone Statue (Dharma song)”

  1. I find this song kind of depressing, I wouldn’t want to sing it at all, tripping on words, which cannot really say what is meant, and I love snow, beautiful snowflakes, sparkling like miriads of stars in the bright winter’s night, when stone statue smiling at me. The spring is not a spring and the best teachings are not said in words.

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