Seen and Unseen Connected as One

Here’s a nice Dharma talk by Seon Master Daehaeng.

Everything, throughout the entire universe and Dharma realm
is connected with each other,
and connected to everything in our lives.
Although unseen,
this connection is like a great net of the Dharma,
a thread that connects everything,,
and a path on which there is no coming or going.
Even this realm of ours is connected, in every way,
to all upper and lower realms.

 Our world faces so many difficulties.
Like sailors,
we have to be prepared to deal with whatever kinds of waves arise.
Yet if we can’t take care of what’s right in front of our eyes,
how will we be able to overcome the larger, underlying aspects?
Our bodies and material things have no power to truly resolve
these kinds of problems.


Should even the energy that fills the air around us be depleted,
more would flow in from outside the Earth.
It’s not for lack of energy that our planet suffers,
but because people don’t recognize the energy that’s already present,
and so are unable to use it.
To use this energy,
people who understand about our fundamental mind
have to all become one mind.
If we can do this, the whole will respond to the thoughts we raise.
We have to become one mind, we have to become a great pillar.


As I’ve always said, this isn’t about finding something,
somewhere else.
It’s about what we’ve always had,
it’s about our foundation.
We, the owners of the Earth, have to firmly rely upon our root.
Start with brightening your own light, and others will become brighter,
eventually filling the world with light.
How could the world become brighter if the people remain in darkness?

You have to bring together both the visible and the unseen-realms
and function using both.
This is the practice of finding your root,
while becoming one with everything that arises in the world.
It’s my sincerest hope that all of you will become fellow practitioners,
diligently practicing, becoming brothers and sisters through our one mind,
and help people throughout the world find their way.

                     -Daehaeng Kun Sunim


(Lotus photo is by Joseph.)

6 thoughts on “Seen and Unseen Connected as One”

  1. Exceptional. In this excerpt, it seems to me that Dae Haeng Sunim draws upon Uisang’s Ocean Seal, which is justly considered a classic of Korean Zen

    1. Dae Haeng Sunim does not seem to draw upon something that is a great Korean Zen stuff, if there any “drawings” could be done, it is from something that maybe can be called universal truth, some reality of things that some people noticed and talked about, regardless of their country or religion, however seeing that all the way is really exceptional

  2. “like a net of the dharma” … i really like this. Sometimes I feel very alone. This reminds me again that whereever I am, and whatever I am feeling, I am part of a wholness. Thankyou so much for sharing, it has helped me today.

    1. I’m glad there was something good here! I grew up in cowboy country, so I know a bit about what it’s like to be around lots of people who don’t really get where I’m coming from.

  3. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! I LOVE the picture that follows! Wow, Joseph, thank you for capturing the light within and sharing. It all has such beauty it makes me cry. Thank you for this post 🙂

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