Last view of a Korean army Dharma hall

Most large Korean army bases also have Dharma halls. This may strike some as strange, but Korea has the draft, and just about every man, regardless of religious faith, ends up in the military.

One of the Dharma halls I look after is on a base that’s relocating as part of a consolidation project. As a result, the entire base is being emptied and demolished. So last night, which was also Buddha’s Birthday, we had a concluding ceremony and Dharma talk. It was really a celebration of a place where people have been able meet and grow for the last 23 years. (Here are some pictures before the ceremony; I got distracted and forgot to ask someone to take pictures of the event itself. Sigh. 😉 You can see some photos of last year’s celebrations here, as well as a larger Korean Army Dharma hall.)


Waiting for things to start (and having a few laughs)


taking care of everyone


The people who supported the Dharma hall over the years


Just a "panel-made" building, but it keep people warm and dry for 23 years


Thank you

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