Our home is Buddha-nature

Last Saturday, Mingyur Rinpoche gave a talk at a small temple in Suwon. His talk was centered around the Prayers for Long-Kindness and compassion. Near the beginning, he spoke a bit of Buddha-nature, and I thought it complimented Dae Haeng Kun Sunim’s teachings nicely;

We are all looking for our home. We are homesick. I think we’ve all got homesick, so we are trying to return to our home. Our home is Buddha-nature.

The Buddha gave one example; There is a bird and the bird has a nest. Sometimes the bird flies away, flies very far. But the bird doesn’t think he’s going to stay there. Always he’s going to return to its nest, because the real home for a bird is its nest. The real home for us is our true-nature, our Buddha-nature.

Because I wish to be happy and I don’t want to be suffering is a sign of Buddha-nature. And this is also the basis of Loving-Kindness and compassion.

2 thoughts on “Our home is Buddha-nature”

  1. What a superb post and picture! Thank you. And thank you for all your hard work getting the whole of Rinpoche’s talk up on your site too.

    With palms together, Marcus _/\_

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