back from Germany

Well, we made it back from Frankfurt with no major problems, and even met some great people and publishers at the book fair. It’ll be a few months of back and forth before anything’s finalized, but things look promising.

A professor of mine once said, “You can have a great teacher, but you still need to work your a## off.” ^-^ 
Boy, was he right! And that’s about how hard we worked as well to make things happen.

The difference between potential and realized is basically blood and sweat.
Once you know what to do, it’s a matter of throwing yourself into the task and doing the best you can. And all the while remembering is isn’t “me” that’s truly doing things, but this true nature. So that’s where questions need to be asked, and praise and blame returned to. (Although it helps to remember what’s being criticized isn’t me as true nature, but this collection of habits called “I.”) That’s what taking care of things, even when they go directions contrary to my intention. “This Buddha essence is taking care of things, so even this may be for the best.” And things really do work out for the best when I can get past “I,” and trust this inner essence.

Here are some more photos from Frankfurt. On a personal note,I’m leaving next week for the land of rain and coffee (Seattle) but I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

The old city center at Frankfurt


near our pension (bed and breakfast)
sunsets in Frankfurt were really something


the convention grounds - 11 huge buildings


a reading at our booth





The forum we held about Daehaeng Kun Sunim, to launch the German edition of "No River to Cross"


contemplating Dukkha, via Lufthansa ^-^ (hint: that's really how close my knees were to the next seat.)

4 thoughts on “back from Germany”

  1. “The difference between potential and realized is basically blood and sweat.” — a beautiful line. I sent it out on twitter!!

    Thanks for sharing about your adventures!!

  2. really got a sense of your trip and all it entailed from this post. you will be in my neck of the world (rain & coffee, love that!). safe travels and enjoy the coffee (you probably don’t even do that!).

    nice reminder not to engage in magical thinking and that we really do have to do the work, once we have a sense of what that is.

    1. Thanks!
      (I actually do love coffee, but am realizing that decaff is usually a better fit.)

      You’re right about the magical thinking. What I’ve found is that if our direction is correct, and we work our butts off, that’s when the Buddhakaya manifests and fills in the part we can’t do for ourselves. But people do tend to overlook the first two requirements!

      with palms together,

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