Secret practitioners, and a bit of silliness

Daehaeng Kun Sunim has often said that we need to keep what we experience a secret, for if we start talking about it, competition and comparisons often arise. In the end, our experiences become just another foothold for “I.” Instead we need to embrace those experiences and completely entrust them, let go of them, and move forward.

On a bit of a silly note, as I thought about this, I realized there have been secret practitioners showing us the way. ^-^

5 thoughts on “Secret practitioners, and a bit of silliness”

  1. keeping secrets really makes Buddhist blogging that much more challenging! haha

    It’s a good point, though. You don’t see too many Dalai Lama books on the great meditation he had one morning…

    1. I know! I was really hoping for a bit better version of “I know nothing! Nothing!” It seems like it’d be fun to tie that into a post about Seung Sahn Sunims “Don’t know mind”!

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