Korean Autumn

Yesterday I had the good fortune to be at our main temple for monks, Kwang-myong Sa. Daehaeng Kun Sunim  had gone there for a visit, and it also turned out to be one of the nicest days of the year.  

We’ve been working for a few years on building a new Dharma hall, completing each phase as money is saved to pay for it.


To give you a sense of the scale, the monk in this photo is about six feet tall

more fun with old roof tiles!



Hye Su Sunim, Kun Sunim's attendant
Touring the construction with the Abbess of the Anyang Hanmaum Seon Center
My Dharma brother, Chong Hyup Sunim



6 thoughts on “Korean Autumn”

  1. I didn’t leave work until after dark that day…
    As much as I love the big, wall-to-wall windows in my classroom,they can be a big tease sometimes!

    1. You’re always welcome, but having spent so many years in Thailand, you might not like the season that’s coming up next!

      Actually, a friend of mine who’d ordained in Burma really liked the Korean mountains – he could sit down in the forest without a horde of crawling things trying to eat him!

  2. What a beautiful setting! You are very fortunate.

    From yesterday’s posting, this certainly fits:

    The world we live in
    is none other than
    the realm of Buddha.

  3. Looking at these neat photos a thought occured – ‘it is easy to be a holy man on top of the mountain’. And since I don’t have any Dharma brothers, I have to include stupid squirrels in the park in my circle of friends.
    Out temple here is near the garbage transfer station, regardless of occasional smell, the temple itself has very frangrant feeling. Autumn, or Fall as it is called more often here, Korean or Canadian or any other place on Earth has something interesting, maybe even more interesting then Spring, as it is often admired, because it all goes into beautiful colours and it calms down as if hinting on returning home, home – the place with no name

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