Sing, play, and dance

Here’s a guest post from Evelyn about life and practice.

See how, shaped by the excellence of the path,
I walk now without effort
toward the Buddha state.
I dance, I sing, I play!

— from Rainbows Appear: Tibetan Poems of Shabkar,
(Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol) Translated by Matthieu Ricard

Have you ever done your very best with something, and then screwed it up…?

Let’s say you bake a wonderful cake for your son’s birthday party, and then you decorate it with a layer of mouth-watering strawberries….

and later you’re puzzled by the strange look your son’s girlfriend has as she take the first bite. Only then do you realize that at the very last step, you used salt instead of sugar for the glaze….…

Ok friends, you’re allowed to laugh – four weeks ago we did, too! LOL!

There was a time I would have been embarrassed for days about this mishap! I would have searched for reasons how this could happen ( somebody had left the salt on the kitchen worktop where it shouldn’t be, somebody called me in the crucial moment, I was in a hurry because…)

No. I was just careless.

My fault. The salt stood there and I took it because I just didn’t pay attention to what I was doing. I wasn’t “here.” 

Walking on the Buddha’s path, I’ve learned that there’s only one true misdeed: not to learn from what’s happened.

Tantra is a wonderful path: we can take our time to walk, we open our eyes and with a bit of patience for us and others, we finally come forward. We went wrong? Ok, let’s correct the direction. We can change negative aspects into positive ones – if we pay attention. And in case we aren’t too embarrassed to sometimes say “sorry, my fault.” 

On Raoul’s birthday i quickly said, “sorry, my fault,” (which finished the negative aspect) and because we all were hungry, I called the pizza service, (hmm, a rather positive aspect) and then we had a nice evening – dancing, singing, playing.

7 thoughts on “Sing, play, and dance”

  1. Very enjoyable Evelyn – thanx for both the posting and the reminder to “pay attention.”

    {Some of the best laughs I’ve ever had were at my own expense!}

    Joseph – certainly a definitive moment in our lives when we can look at ourselves in this manner.


  2. Hi Evelyn,
    Thank you for this. “I dance, I sing, I play!”

    Good reminder to not take things so seriously as well as adding salt instead of sugar! I’ve done that one before, ew, the taste when one is expecting sugar!

    Like Joseph, I too have had some of the best laughs at myself!

    Levity is definitely appreciated right now 🙂

    With Love and Appreciation,

  3. Hi everyone – thank you all…

    and thank you so much Chong Go Sunim, for the wonderful photo of the cake and last but not least: correcting all my mistakes 🙂


  4. “Walking on the Buddha’s path, I’ve learned that there’s only one true misdeed: not to learn from what’s happened.”

    Wow, thank you Evelyn, this brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful. And so great to see you posting here! I hope this isn’t just a one-off! It’d be great to see regular posts from you!

    And Happy Birthday to Raoul!


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