7 thoughts on “Suffering”

  1. Ah, yes, the compassionate side of suffering. I can see it in the really hard things I’ve been through, somehow that’s when I wake up and pay attention, that’s when I really get it, that’s when I’ve learned to savour the small things and let go of expectations and just be. In the midst of deep suffering what else can you do? When everything is really pleasant and nice or even neutral it is easy to be lazy and just coast along.

  2. yes – i sit and try to accept – yes – i sit and ty to accept – yes – i sit and try to accept – y e s – i accept – y e s

  3. This is a very important teaching: “Everything comes from you.”

    I certainly resist this truth, at a very deep level. The resistance can appear as blame, denial, defensiveness, aggression or some other offensive behavior. Behind the behaviors is my adamant insistence that I’m not that bad – that the problem is “out there.”

    And so the suffering continues.

    But I’ve also experienced the compassion and good humor that comes with allowing myself to become transparent, to expose my true self without resistance.

    Great post – Thank you, Marcus.

  4. Hi,

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful responses to this post.

    You know, yesterday, I got a letter from the bank, of course my heart rate went up before I’d even opened it, and it only got worse after I’d read it!

    Just like you say Barry, next came the whole range of emotions – blame, denial, defensiveness, aggression, and most of all fear.

    I knew I had to sit. Like you say ZDS, here was a case of suffering really compelling you to practice, no room for laziness.

    And it was a case of the teachings becoming very real. Let go, entrust. Evelyn, you are so right, I try and try (I spoke it out loud, “I entrust my fear”) and gradually it becomes real. I can really let go of all this.

    A horrible letter from the bank – it’s easy to se how that came from me. Harder with other sufferings I’ve had in my life, and something I struggle with. But, yes, where does the suffering exist? Here, not out there.

    And that is a gift, you are right Roy. It means I have the chance to sit with it, to witness it, to learn from it, and to entrust it.

    Phew, I think I learnt quite a lot yesterday. Thank you all for helping me make sense of these lessons.

    With palms together,

    Marcus _/\_

  5. ” Don’t be overwhelmed by the hardships you experience. Just return all of them to the furnace within you, to Juingong, and they will melt down automatically”

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