Buddha’s Birthday parade

Here are some photos of the Buddha’s Birthday celebrations in Seoul on Sunday. It’s always amazing to see, and Korea feels like a crossroads of Buddhism. In addition to all of the Korean-flavored events, there were booths or floats from every Buddhist country, offering culture and information, food and art. These are a few pictures from the day, with some nice ones contributed by Joseph, of Somewhere in Dhamma.  Go ahead and click on the photos to see a larger image.

the street in front of Jogye Temple
Must be a convention somewhere!
playing a scaled-down version of a temple drum
Buddhists from Mongolia
Friendly folks! (by Joseph)
I really loved the horn section! (A great offering by the Tibetan monks of Korea)
Enthusiastic Nepalis! (by Joseph)
Make your own mini Lotus Lantern
or your own wrist mala
with beads for all ages!
or you could make your own incense (It was really good!)
sign me up!


Traditional Korean dance and music


A river of lanterns (by Joseph)
Watch out for the Dragon! (by Joseph)
Under the lanterns at Jogye Temple (by Joseph)

10 thoughts on “Buddha’s Birthday parade”

  1. Thank you ChongGo Sunim.
    It was really nice spending the day with you, and EunBong really enjoyed speaking with Hye Kwang Sunim. She told her some interesting things.

    Thanks for posting the pics, I’m not sure when I’ll have time to get to mine. The lanterns turned out better than I expected!

  2. I also had a great time hanging out with you all! It was cool how EunBong and Hye Kwang Sunim hit it off. A lot of your shots turned out really well, not so many of mine, though!^^
    Most of my shots of Fina were just blurs!

  3. Thank you Chong Go Sunim and Joseph for such great pictures! Oh, I miss this event so much! Thank you for bringing a flavour of it to us all here!

  4. I love the visits to Korea you bring to us through your site. I lived in Korea for a year while in the military and your sharing brings back memories and reminds me how much of Korea I missed out on while I was there.

  5. Hi Carole, it really is great time, there’s also a lot of dancing and music at the end, when everything comes together at Jogye Temple. But I’m usually fried well before then. (my day starts at 3:30am, so 9pm is a late night for me!^^) When I think about all of the different cultures and activities, it just amazes me. I used to live in the middle of nowhere, (Eastern Washington) where getting even incense or a mala meant looking through Dharma Crafts or Shasta Abbey’s catalogues, and then waiting weeks just to see how I liked it.

    Hi Philip, things went well with the weather this year. Because it’s based upon the lunar calander, Buddha’s Birthday is about a 3-4 weeks later than usual. And even now as I type this, it’s raining like crazy outside. But feel free to come back anytime! 😉 Just make sure you get the dates for the current year’s events. The lunar calander means it’s never quite the same week on the solar calander.

    Hi Roy, it looks like you were having a great time at Munsu Temple as well! I had to smile as I saw your photos, “Ah that’s the difference between someone who knows what they’re doing with a camera, and me!” I saw all those beads and thought of you! Did you notice the ones that looked like chickens? There were some mini-mok taks in there as well.

    Hi Marcus! I was actually thinking about you as well, and how nice it would have been if you’d been there. But next week should be fun for you all the same!

    Hi Barry! (I know you’re here somewhere!^^)

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