Come to Korea for the Buddha’s Birthday!

Hi everyone,

The Buddha’s Birthday is going to be celebrated here in Korea on the 21st, with the main lantern parade in Seoul on Sunday the 16th. The lanterns are spectacular, as are the performances and dancing, and shouldn’t be missed. I took this photo Sunday night at a review our temple was holding.  This lantern is about 10 feet high (3m) and will be used as a parade float. Like most of the lanterns it’s made from traditional paper over a wire framework, with electric lighting within. The paper is hand painted, with a weather-coating varnish of some kind.

There will be a street fair all day on the street in front of Jogye Temple, with the main parade starting from Dongguk University once it begins to get dark. The parade will move down Jongno road, ending in front of Jogye Temple. There will also be a shorter review held in front of Jogye Temple on Saturday, the 15th, again at dusk.

Here’s a close up of the leg:

So if you’re going to be in Korea, be sure to stop by Seoul on the 16th. Busan will also be having a parade, although I don’t know when. (It’s nice, but not as spectacular.) Likewise, there will be smaller parades at nearly every temple in the country on the 21st.

with palms together,

Chong Go

For an idea of the size of these lanterns, look at the peoples’ heads at the base of the elephant.

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