Inherently sharing the same life and body

    Towards the opening of Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s translation of the Heart Sutra it says:

Inherently all beings
are sharing the same life,
the same mind,
the same body,
working together as one
and free giving
and receiving
whatever is needed.
They are endlessly
manifesting and
changing every instant,
but because they are unaware
of this,
they walk the path of suffering.

     I’m always amazed at how the implications of this continue to unfold. It explains the idea of “one mind” as well as “interbeing,” and has so many practical implications:

If I want to save myself, I can’t exclude or hate anyone else, for they’re also part of me.

Everything’s constantly changing, yet it’s denying this that causes one to suffer.

Everything I need is there, if I just stop building walls of self and other…

2 thoughts on “Inherently sharing the same life and body”

  1. we all struggle to come along with our daily life and we all fight for our livings – and, funny, often work for things we don’t really need. to gain them makes us suffer, to hold them makes us suffer and to loose them even more…
    wouldn’t it really be fine to learn to feel safe and secure in the insecurety, to
    ‘working together as one
    and free giving
    and receiving
    whatever is needed.’

    …and maybe find our security in our trust in an open One Mind?

  2. Hi Chong Go,
    Thank you for this. This is very powerful and has levels of depth that as you say, “unfold”. There is more to these words than I can comprehend, but as I keep seeing them and trying to fully realize them, I seem to peek at something more…

    For me, the biggest challenge is to see past one’s harsh words or actions. When this happens, I want to see them as separate as I feel my own emotions of hurt and sadness. It is also as Evelyn says about insecurities and fears and expectations that keep the walls up or growing. When will I learn to see the inner and then what is said and done will be but a ripple, but I will remain calm?

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