Daegu Hanmaum, through the taxi window


When I first lived in Daegu, seven years ago, I used to occasionally pass by this building across the stream from the expressway that cuts through the city. It always caught my eye because of the unique tower of spheres on top.

When I learned about Hanmaum Seon Center, and found out there was a center, I wondered if it might be that building I used to peer at through the window of a taxi every couple of months or so during my first year in Korea. Last Saturday, after bringing Fina to the park for her birthday, we took a taxi downtown, and I waiting to pass the same place I hadn’t been by in nearly six years, and I could tell right away that it definitely was a Hanmaum center. It was interesting to me that for all these years that building poked out of my memory.

I’m hoping I’ll find a day really soon to drop by for once and visit the Dharma Hall. For now, I thought I would share the view from the expressway, an interesting sight/site in a sea of otherwise square, grey buildings

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