what’s keeping me busy

What Marcus said in his post yesterday was true, life with a young, growing family is busy!

Chong Go Sunim once asked me if having children has been good for my practice. My immediate response was, “No!” in the sense that Fina used to run circles around me, like I was a pagoda, yelling, “Woo woo woo woo!” every time I tried to sit, but I knew what he was getting at. There’s a lot less room for “me” in “my” life, and that’s as valuable as anything I’d learn sitting.

The side effect, though, is that I’m hesitant to write about practice when I’m not practicing very well myself.

Until I regain a balance, I thought I’d share a few photos of what’s been keeping me busy these days. What’s been lost in meditation minutes (and sleep!) is being made up for with Love, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I hope they make you smile! ^_^

10 thoughts on “what’s keeping me busy”

  1. Consider yourself blessed. As for practice, correct me if I am wrong but, isn’t it a bit narrow to restrict the term to meditation? Wouldn’t it be too… easy to seclude oneself from the world in order to understand it? and finally, since the time needed to achieve enlightenment is just a nanosecond, isn’t it just right to devote the rest of the time to love?

    You made my day with these pictures, thank you and good luck!

    1. Good point… I did make it seem as though I limit the term to meditation when I know it’s much broader. I suppose I meant it more as formal practice or at least that part of practice that includes meditation or chanting and nowing, ect…
      I do believe meditation is one of the most important aspects of practice, personally anyway. It makes the “doing” side that much clearer.
      Thanks for responding, much apreciated! ^_^

      1. Ok, so, here’s a management analogy, please understand that I am not really into religion and don’t be offended if you think it’s not adequate: I work at a government administration. Over the years, politicians have added successive layers of what I call “work for ourselves” Mostly activity and situation reports. I don’t exaggerate if tell you that at this moment more than half what we do if reporting about what we do. While this tasks are legitimate and useful to a certain extent, there has to be some balance with the real activity, so as for them to be useful.

        Can’t it be that, in “practice” meditation is the internal administrative work and loving the main activity?

        Another metaphor in this line is prof sports people: when season is on, they forego training and focus just on the daily matches, otherwise they would overexert themselves. Likesise, seems to me you are right in the middle of crunch time in the most important match of your season. Get out there and play!

        PS: I am NOT a sports fan, expect some inexactitudes…

      2. Haha! That’s a pretty good analogy. I might add that prof athletes still have practice during the season. MLB players take batting practice daily to tweak/adjust their swings, pitchers are constantly working with their coaches throughout the season.

        For me, meditation has many effects, mostly a moment to put down all the mental things that have been piling up, or even get a clear look at what’s been going on in there while I’ve been distracted with my senses. I find when I take the time to sit, or even go for a walk or a hike, I’m better able to connect with the needs of my family.

      3. I’m sure you do. But who’s to measure time in minutes? Sometimes some seconds will do… I can see we agree, ai’m not trying to drive any point home!

      4. haha, don’t worry, I didn’t take it that way. It’s really great discussing these things! Unfortunately, online, it’s difficult to read people’s tone.

  2. I wouldn’t share my child’s picture on-line, but they are adorable, best wishes for them. As for practise, I can tell you, if you want to hear, that I learned more while changing diapers than sitting on a cushion. As I don’t really like these kind of activities, one child is good for me, the learning I had was just tremendous. If you really wish to practise and actually see results, then try to practise by letting go , and in the moment of whatever you do, it is most difficult, especially when things are not ok. Meditation is ‘touching’ that place of foundation, and being able to ‘hold’ it in everyday life. When you “break through” that thin wall, you can never go back to the way you were, because the view would be so much different. “Feeling” One Mind can be quite overwhelming, however it is still a long way from there, so things arise in life to teach you. Love in a worldly way more often is an attachment, as far as I know, but love as compassion as seeing other beings’ ‘hidden’ foundation is much more useful and brings better results.
    I hope I made sense here.

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