Sunday Photo; blossoms and lanterns in Gwanchoksa

Not long after the arrival of the blossoms is the appearance of lanterns across the lands, letting us know that the Buddha’s birthday will be celebrated soon.

There isn’t the same intensity as the Christmas Season at home, but the spirit of the event maintains a true authenticity.

Being someone who can use a bit of motivation now and then, it’s a day that always encourages me to keep trying, and not to get too down on myself when I don’t succeed!

1 thought on “Sunday Photo; blossoms and lanterns in Gwanchoksa”

  1. The lanterns look so festive and uplifting and they must be amazing when they are all lit up.

    I like the idea the festival that helps remind us to “keep on trying” in our practice.

    The yoga centre here will bring all the Buddhist groups together for a little festival for the Buddha’s birthday.

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