6 thoughts on “Sunday Photo; blossoms and pagodas”

  1. This is stunning! We have cherry blossoms here, but alas, no pagodas to complement them so deliciously.

    We even had a cherry blossom festival here last week on Salt Spring. It was great fun, with a shakuhachi flute player and ikebana demo, a talk by a Japanese landscape architect.

  2. Sorry, I just realized a whole week went by, and I didn’t respond to any of you…

    ZDS – Any chance the Japanese landscape architect could design a pagoda? ^_^

    Evelyn – I had to look up Caspar David Friedrich *^^* Thank you for sharing his name, aren’t his images amazing?!

    Genju – being from Nova Scotia, I can empathize! There’s a reason besides the cherry blossoms that I love the spring here so much, it doesn’t let the winter linger!

    Renée & Micheal – thank you, too! ^_^

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