9 thoughts on “Sunday Photo; Latticed temple doors”

    1. Wow, I have to admit, I’ve noticed this one, but hadn’t actually looked too closely! I love the plum blossoms! Makes me want to have plum blossom tea tonight when I get home!

    1. I wonder if that’s where the bird motiff came from?! One of the photos I took that didn’t come out well shows a pair of cranes on one door and a pair of something like peacocks on another.

      I thought it was just a pretty image, but that I think about it, there could also be a “flower of practice blooms and bears fruit.” I know some of the doors at Jogye sa have flower patterns, but now I think I’ll have to go back and check for fruit!

  1. while Chong Go’s out for fruits, lazy me just enjoys the beautiful flowers here;-)
    i rather love the colours of these lotusses(?), Joseph.

    thank you for both these pictures of extraordinary latticework!

    1. Thank you, Evelyn!
      I don’t think they are lotuses, I’m tempted to say they might be Mu’gung hwa (Rose of Sharon), Korea’s national flower, but I’m really not sure.

      1. oh, thanks Joseph! – i had a look and i learned that ‘Rose of Sharon’ is what i know as “Hibiskus”. i’ve got some some bushes in my garden – white and pink, rather beautiful. but look at the pic in the link – seems as this ‘Rose’ has only got five petals. i suppose it must be something different.

        so, where are the flower experts among us?



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