If you are grateful,

Grateful for you root,

The entire Universe and Dharma realm feel that gratitude

And move and work together

And manifest your intention into the phenomenal world.

The entire Universe looks after you;

Is there anything that can’t be done.

Daehaeng Kun Sunim

As we enter a new year and reflect on the old one, I find myself thinking about the importance of gratitude in my daily practice.  I personally, have found plenty to be grateful for and can attest to the blissful state that easily arises as I nurture a grateful heart. Gratitude, however,  is more than just a feel good state and  I would echo Marcus‘ sentiment that it is a virtue that could easily find itself among the six perfections of practice.

Daehaeng Sunim’s words speak to the transformative and creative powers of gratitude.  In cultivating a grateful heart, we acknowledge the generosity of our root, even before our needs manifest.  This softens ours hearts, making them lighter, more receptive and generous; hearts that humbly acknowledge the gifts bestowed on us and boldly recognize the potential inherent in us.  With gratitude we open a portal to the eternal, omniscient source of our creativity and sustenance. A whole universe of possibility becomes available to us with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration drawn from our collective Being.  Anything and everything becomes possible.

So as you go about your daily activities, take time to cultivate this beneficial virtue.  When you sit in meditation or prayer, let the corners of your mouth curl up in a gentle smile of gratitude, confident that your foundation is looking after your every need.  On your next out-breath, be grateful for the next in-breath, that brings life and energy to animate your desires.   As you contemplate your circumstances, be grateful for the experiences that will serve as lessons for growth and development on your path.  Be grateful for your foundation.

As we close the door on 2010, lets give thanks and gratitude for everything 2011 will bring.

With palms together.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. Recently I had an experience where I really realized it at a blood and bones level, that I was (could be) grateful for the samsaric and difficult experiences. I found them rich with teaching and inner realization. So yes, I finally got, “be grateful for everything”

    Nice reminder for the new year. I can never have too many of these wholesome reminders!

  2. There really is something about gratitude that has a lot of potential. It seems like part of it is looking at things positively. Perhaps even more importantly, it seems like part of gratitude is acknowledging the role grace and other people play in our life. In that sense, it’s also a treatment for self-centeredness.

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