Sunday Photo; Christmas tree lantern at Jogye Temple

This year, the head temple of the Jogye Order, in Seoul, put three Christmas tree lanterns by the street in front of the main gate into the temple.

It’s a nice display of the friendship maintained between Jogye and the Catholic Church in Korea.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Photo; Christmas tree lantern at Jogye Temple”

  1. That’s brilliant! Thank you! Do you have any more shots of the trees on your photo site? I looked but can’t find them!

    All the best and thanks again – and Happy New Year!

    Marcus _/\_

    Edit: Just found them! Here!

    1. Ah, you found them!
      Actually, while I was there, there were a few men working and I thought they were taking them down so i didn’t go back later, but as I passed on the bus ride home, I saw they were all lit up! When I go back to Seoul, I’ll see if they’re still there so i can get some better shots…

  2. “I was happy to see a Christmas tree erected on the ground of Jokyesa Temple on the news. We see an increasing tension among different religions these days. I hope the rest of the society will understand the message you are trying to convey.”

    – Cho Kyu Hwan, director of Eunpyeong House of Angels, a child care facility operated by the Protestant church, to Jogye Order President Ven. Jaseung during his recent visit.

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