One mind, many bodies… string, many kites.

Your fundamental mind, your true self is invisibly connected to all things in the world and through it all things communicate with each other and work together as one. In this way, the whole universe is functioning together as one through fundamental mind, so this working together is called One Mind (Hanmaum).

-Dae Haeng Kun Sunim

Sometimes, you just have to look up, and there’s a teaching waiting for you!




5 thoughts on “One mind, many bodies…”

  1. Brilliant! Absolutely superb! What a great combination of teaching, gorgeous light happy image and commentary! A wonderful wonderful post! This must be one the best ever posts on WUaL! Thank you Joseph. I’m simply astounded!

    1. Wow! thank you , Marcus!
      I suppose, I could be criticized for saying “look up” (although I did say sometimes…) Really, you could look anywhere! ^_^

  2. A majestic mountain is form by many trees, stones, rocks, wildlife, the sky of cloud, the sun that light, the streams running, the sound of nature etc…and an appreciative mind.

    Truly the beauty of many bodies, one in mind in spirit.
    When people treasure each other as unique individuals, transcending all differences and bring out the best in each other for a good cause.


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