Sunday Photo; Yakcheon Temple’s main shrine

There are few halls I’ve stepped into as impressive as this one, on the south coast of Jeju, Korea’s semi-tropical island. The hall itself is enormous, as are the Buddhas and the dragons that coil the beams supporting the massive roof.

The walls and ceilings of the three floors are covered in Zen paintings and as you circle the upper balconies, the dragons take turns eying you from different angles.

I’ve been to the island three times and have been sure to visit Yakcheonsa, the Medicine Stream Temple, each time. If you ever make down that way, you won’t be disappointed with a detour to the temple!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Photo; Yakcheon Temple’s main shrine”

    1. Thank you,
      I really like the lavender robes on the gold Buddhas, too.
      Here’s one more shot, you can get a good sense of scale from the monk below…

    1. When you make it back to Korea, you just might enjoy a trip to the island… It’s pretty much still Korea, but with Palm trees! It gets a bit too touristy in places but it’s not hard to find some nice laid back areas.

  1. “If you ever make down that way, you won’t be disappointed with a detour to the temple!”

    Detour? Blimey, going by your magnificent picture, it wouldn’t be a detour, it’d be the single destination!

    Thanks again for another wonderful Sunday photo!

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