Sunday Photo; Great Unification Buddha at Seorak Mountain

As you can imagine, it’s been a bit of a strange week here in Korea, but one that reminds me why it’s good to practice.

This Buddha sits just past the entrance into Seoraksan National Park, on the grounds of Sinheung temple, and is one of three Great Unification Buddhas in Korea that I am aware of, there may be others.

Seoraksan, known as the most beautiful mountain in South Korea, was originally a part of the North when the line separating the two was first drawn along the 38th parallel. When fighting ended in stalemate in 1953, the new line, now the DMZ, dissected the old one, with South Korea gaining this area in the east.

Less than 50km from the DMZ, it’s as good a place as any to pray for reunification of the peninsula. Those who have not seen their brothers and sisters in 60 years have concerns that once they are gone there will be less initiative for the two side to work things out, and lets hope that possibility isn’t as far off as it seems now.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Photo; Great Unification Buddha at Seorak Mountain”

  1. A very lovely and fitting photo for this week. Thank you so much Joseph. Wishing you, and everyone in both Koreas, happiness and peace. Marcus _/\_

  2. I was thinking the other day about how human beings have the same kind of mind – the opposites mind of like/dislike, you/me, good/bad. We even divide up the earth based on opposites mind.

    And yet we share this opposites mind in common, we all have it. I hope that the people of the Koreas soon attain their opposites mind, recognize their commonality (which goes beyond kinship and heritage), and build a peaceful future.

    1. Yes, I was thinking how little those missing their families might care about political and idealogical differences compared to being one.

      This opposites seems like a product of our Dukkha. Once we become unentered we now have here/there, this side/that side.

      I often wonder if things will eventually return to the center or keep reaching outward. The optimist/romantic in me likes to think things will return to an original state of peace and we may step into Nirvana together…

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