Sunday Photo; Zen Cloud Temple’s Main Hall

Although there are many things that bring me back to SeonUnSa, the Zen Cloud Temple, its Dharma Hall is among my favorites in the country. Its long, thin Buddhas are friendly, welcoming, and smile down compassionately. The old, faded and beams and walls radiate wisdom. I haven’t found my way back to this temple in a couple of years, but I often find myself traveling here in my thoughts…

6 thoughts on “Sunday Photo; Zen Cloud Temple’s Main Hall”

  1. If only we could also feel through this gorgeous picture the smell and the feeling of the sunshine on the wood and the backs of our necks. But, of course, your picture does bring all this to life for us too. Thank you so much! _/\_

    1. Sometimes, in these temples, its easy to forget to look up…
      You don’t see much of the ceiling in this photo, but there are some amazing paintings watching you here from above!

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