the true self

The name of Nirvana is One-mind. One-mind is the Womb of Tathagata
– The Lankavatara Sutra

“Observe the empty monarch of mind; mysterious, subtle, unfathomable, it has not shape or form, yet it has great spiritual power, able to extinguish a thousand troubles and perfect ten thousand virtues. Although its essence is empty, it can provide guidance. When you look at it, it has no form; call it, and it has a voice.”
– Layman Fu Shan-hui (487–569) in Cleary, Teachings of Zen

“Nirvana has innumerable names. It is impossible to give them in detail; I will list only a few. Nirvana is called extinction of passions, the uncreated, peaceful happiness, eternal bliss, true reality, dharma-body, dharma-nature, suchness, oneness, and Buddha-nature. Buddha-nature is none other than Tathagata [Amida Buddha]. This Tathagata pervades the countless worlds; it fills the hearts and minds of the ocean of all beings. Thus, plants, trees, and land all attain Buddhahood.”
– Shinran, Commentaries on Notes on the Essentials of Faith Alone

“If you touch the phenomenal realm deeply, you touch the ultimate realm which is the realm of no birth and no death. The ultimate is nirvana, it is God, and it is available to us twenty four hours a day.”
– Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

“Having searched for myself in all myriad things
True Self (Juingong) appeared right before my eyes
Ha! Ha! Meeting it now, there is no doubt
Brilliant hues of udumbara flowers spill over the whole world”
– Seon Master Gyeongbong Jeongseok (1892 – 1982)

“You can call Juingong one thing or inherent nature. You can call Juingong the thing that does not have anything, or you can call it Amida Buddha, or the main Buddha. You can call it God or my love because it is the fundamental place. Juingong can never be fixed because it can become anything. Juingong is the parent as well as the child, the highest person as well as the lowest. Juingong is the true self that leads you, no matter what name is used.”
– Seon Master Daehaeng Sunim, ‘No River to Cross’

– Thank you so much to Joseph for the great photo.
– More from me on True Self at this post, here.

14 thoughts on “the true self”

  1. ‘eternal bliss’ and ‘ true reality’ (Shinran) isn’t this a fine description of inner balance?
    and like a balance it is always in motion ‘Juingong can never be fixed because it can become anything’ (Daehaeng Kun Sunim)
    ‘Juingong is the true self that leads you’ (Daehaeng Sunim)- but i’m the one who has to walk and keep balance to not lose the way and, worst case, fall out of ‘the ultimate realm’ (Thich Nhat Tanh).

    i must keep my eyes open and see things as they are… true reality.

  2. Marcus, Seokjong, My Brother in Reality,

    You know I dig this post! Back when I was with Hongmak, she struggled with Juingong. Recently, with Amber, I wanted to be inluded in her universe and that of Jesus’ by saying God is love, is juingong, is the universe, is you, is me.

    You have found the places wherein waht I feltin my nature all my life was true, and waht all enlightened beings know is true, and what was expressed by Buddha as Buddha nature, by Jesus as the holy spirit, and by Dae Heng as Juingong, and in this wise awareness we can make all people of all faiths one intellectualy, so they don’t argue, as long as they can believe what is felt in the heart by all aware beings that all is one spiritually.

    Thank you.

    And Dude, thanks so much for the wicked beautiful necklace. You da man. Something will be coming your way.

    Peace, Love, and Joy,


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