In Korea, there is a Buddhist TV network called 불교TV (BulGyo TV). I don’t watch it often, but occasionally I’ll leave it on for a while if they are broadcasting temple chanting or scenes from temples around the country. Most of the times I check, there are Dharma talks, occasionally in English, and once I even saw a cooking show hosted by a nun.

A few days ago, my wife was flicking through the channels and called me over, “Look, I think this is Daehaeng Kun Sunim on TV.”

For those of you who know her face, it is memorably distinct, and it was, indeed, Kun Sunim on TV.

In the short bit that I was able to translate (loosely) from the talk, she told the large group of nuns, monks, and lay-practitioners,

Our body is like a ship and our mind is the pilot. If the pilot is unsteady, how can the ship keep straight?

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