Sunday Photo; SokGyeMun’s 33 Steps to Enlightenment

The entrance to Bul-guk-sa, known as Sok-gye-mun, has among the most elaborate entrances to any temple in Korea. The highlight of which is the thirty-three stepped staircase, representing the thirty-three steps to Enlightenment (according to the one who made it in thirty-three steps… ^_^). It is divided into two sections; the lower section,  Cheong-un-gyo (the Blue Cloud Bridge), and the upper section, Baek-un-gyo (White Cloud Bridge).

Being one of the largest tourist attractions in the country, as well, it’s another temple I like to get to early in the morning, before the grounds become entirely over-run with people. During that short time, the words of the stones can still be listened to and they tell you why it’s called Bul-guk-sa, The Buddha-Land Temple.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Photo; SokGyeMun’s 33 Steps to Enlightenment”

    1. It’s also amazing that the stone work avoided destruction.
      It would be nice to be able to enter through the bridge one time and be greeted by the pagodas.

  1. very nice picture; there is somewhat sad feeling about it, as if this place, this building is a silent witness to some suffering, it is tranquil but not resting, there is no happy feeling about it, it is more like a reminder to get going on your way. Maybe I am just tired. Thank you for you Sunday Photos, I like them very much

    1. Some of Beop Jeong Sunim’s last words were, “If you have anything left that you own, use it in activities to make a pure, fragrant society.”

      I have over 150,000 photos and counting… I hope they help make a more fragrant society!

      thank you for your comments~

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