Hanmaum Seonwon Choir Festival

The Hanmaum Seonwon Choir Festival was held a few years ago in support of a cancer charity. A CD of the concert, with English subtitles, was released and is available, I think, from the Hanmaum International Centre for anyone who would like to purchase a copy.

Tanya reminded me of this in yesterday’s discussion about music, and she kindly uploaded this You-tube video of two of the songs from the concert. The second is especially close to my heart as this is the song the Bangkok Zen Club sang (in Korean!) for Buddha’s Birthday this year. I still know the words off by heart!

Thank you Tanya for providing this, and thank you Chong Go Sunim for kicking off the discussion – and for your singing contribution in the Festival itself! Look closely, and you’ll see our very own Chong Go Sunim singing in the video!

While living this life of one brief season,
if you cultivate your mind and awaken,
your one thought manifests in the world,
and saves your country.
Ice melts and water flows down ten thousand valleys,
fish dance and play, flowers bloom and birds sing,
the fruit of practice ripens naturally
– let me know all ten thousand flavours.

While living this life
in which everything changes every instant,
if you cultivate your mind and awaken,
a single thought becomes wisdom,
and saves the village of our earth.
All over the world innumerable beings are opening their eyes,
rising above the sea of mind, spontaneously bright.
You yourself become the source of light
– awakened to your foundation.

(Translation is copyright 2010, the Hanmaum Seonwon Foundation)

Link: Buddha’s Birthday at Bangkok Hanmaum

4 thoughts on “Hanmaum Seonwon Choir Festival”

  1. No, Please! Don’t look closely! ^-^
    As I was just telling Gary, the way they achieved the beautiful sound was by placing some of us as far from the mikes as possible!

    The accompanying music is also very interesting. It’s traditional instruments adapted to the pacing and rhythms of modern music.

    Thanks Tanya, for posting this!

  2. Thanks so much,
    this feels like a birthday song for my eldest son (13 today) and it´s also my husband´s moon birthday.

    These songs are just our favourite ones of that Hanmaum CD.
    I can hear the heart of everyone singing and playing – it´s a real present for all who may hear this.

    Have a nice day and blue sky.

    with palms together

  3. here is the third song:

    I don’t know why I did not put it right away with the first video, together they are actually under 10 min, so it’s ok for upload, I think it was some subconscious thing about the ending, it fades into darkness and I did not like that, and I don’t have necessary software to make a bit of changes

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