Temple Morning Prayer (행선축원) Day 1

(from a pre-covid candlelight ceremony)

This week and perhaps next week as well, we’ll be going over the “Morning Prayer” or “Morning Blessing,” that’s recited by sunims every day during the (early!) morning ceremony. It’s a bit long, but try to recite it a few times anyway – It’s very healthy for the lives that make up our body to follow allow with this energy and intention.

Lighting candles and offering incense
before the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha,
every morning and evening,
may the heavens and the Earth be peaceful,
may warfare and violence disappear
may the land be calm and stable
and the Dharma Wheel always turning.

조석으로 향과 등불 불전에 올려서
삼보 전에 귀의하여 부처님께 예배하노니
국계는 안녕하고 병혁은 녹아져서
천하가 태평하여 법륜을 굴리게 하소서

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