The Noon Blessing, part 2 (상단축원)

This is the second part of the Noon Blessing. I’m, frankly, at a bit of a loss for words. What more can be said about this? Just let the meaning sink down within you. Does more need to be added to that? If we all keep raising these kinds of intentions, if we all using our minds like this, if we all keep viewing the world like this, then could we even guess at all the wonderful things that may grow from that?

Through the great compassionate, protecting power of one mind,
manifested by all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
may each one of us attain that which all beings long for.
May we all be free of serious disease,
healthy, and live our full term of years.
May our senses and perceptions be free of desire and attachments,
and may we always enjoy the company the virtuous and wise.
May our hardships come to an end.
May every kind of virtue and blessing grow within us, and wherever we go,
may good fortune ever flow forth.
Physically, may we all be free from the sufferings of disease and disaster,

Mentally, may we all be free from every kind of lust, obsession, and hatred,
and never again be seduced by these.
Spiritually, may all those practice meditation have the great question burst open,
and enlightenment shine forth from within them.
Let all those who study the sutras open the eye of wisdom,
and may they truly understand how the things of this world work.
Let all those who practice chanting,
experience samadhi and be grounded in it.
May everyone who drives cars be safe and avoid all accidents.
May those cultivating the good seeds of virtue and merit,
achieve success in accord with their capacity to handle that,
and the efforts they have made.
May all those who’ve lost their way,
may all those who are confused,
find the bright path.
Let us remember the great determination that first arose within us,
and follow that now to true awakening.
As we do so, may all hindrances and obstacles drop away.
Let each and every one of us be filled with the joy of knowing our true nature.

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