The Noon Blessing, part 1 (상단축원)

The Gujeong Pagoda, on a quiet Sunday Morning

Last Sunday, I posted the Early Morning Blessing, and so I thought I’d put up the Noon Blessing this Sunday. It turns out that the English gets really long! So instead of trying to do the entire thing in one very, very long post, I’ll break it up into four pieces, and post a section of it on Sundays. This is the first part of four. Like the Early Morning Blessing, this is usually chanted by the senior sunim present at the ceremony.
This is a great mix of the traditional blessing, as well as Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s emphasis on remembering our inherent connection with everything. Although this too doesn’t seem
very “zen,” there is actually nothing more zen (or seon) than non-dual compassion for others.

All Buddhas throughout all realms,
all the limitless treasure-beings of one mind,
all the infinite Dharma net that connects all things,
both living and dead,
Please remember your great compassionate vows,
Please be present here today,
Please hear these intentions and offer your help.
Treasures of one mind,
may we always be present with your great compassion
may we always be one with this great energy of one mind,
may we always put this into practice,
throughout all aspects of our life.
May all the virtue we have accumulated since time immemorial
comfort those still trapped in suffering,
may it help those striving for enlightenment,
and may it lead all beings, all together,
to true freedom.
May this virtue help the entire world to be at peace,
may the great light of one mind shine brighter each day,
and may all beings far and wide encounter the Buddha’s teachings.
May these great teachings spread without cease,
may this land be at peace and harmony for generation after generation,
May the great light of the Buddha-dharma fill all realms.

Here at __________________________________
on this middle world called the Earth,
We raise the great intention that
within this country, everyone is at peace and safe,
that South and North Korea shall be peacefully reunified,
that all the world may be tranquil
that the Earth should be free of all great disasters.
Here at this temple where the reflection of our true mind
can be seen like the moon in pure water,
with the utmost sincerity, with these pure offerings,
We raise the intention that all Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis, Shramanera,
Shramaneri, and postulates here at this temple are all healthy and safe.
May each and every layman, laywoman,
and child attending this ceremony be healthy and safe.

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