English Dharma talks in Korea

Dharma Songs Poster

I’ll be giving a series of Dharma talks in English every Thursday starting this September 1 (not November 1.) They’ll be at 7:30pm, in the 2nd floor Dharma Hall at the Anyang Hanmaum Seon Center.

The topic will be Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s Dharma songs, but we won’t (most likely) be singing these in English, simply because the music for the Korean originals doesn’t fit the English translation.

These songs have an incredible depth, and are great teachings on their own.

I’ll try to record each talk and post it here, along with the song we looked at, and if possible, its Korean version being sung. (I have to look into this.)



Flowing without beginning or end


When waves occur in the sea,
infinite drops of water are created.
when those drops sink,
they become the water of the sea itself.
Our bodies and lives are like those drops of water:
even though there is clearly “You” and “I”
in our daily lives,
at the fundamental place, everything exists as one.
Also, the water of the sea continuously circulates
and manifests in many forms; its movement never stops
for even a moment. Everything in the world
works like this. Nothing is fixed.
Without beginning or end,
without coming or going,
there is only flowing, just as it is.
We are living inside of this truth.
Like fish live in water, we live in truth,
so find it and experience it within your daily life.

— Daehaeng Kun Sunim