Rest Deeply

Here’s a letter from Michael, a very nice practitioner from Australia.

Greetings to you all
I have noticed a bit of a gap in recent postings, the last being Feb13. I have been a student of Chong Go Sunim for about two or so years (I think) and have thoroughly enjoyed and learnt from the many postings for longer. I have been a traveller along the Way for several decades, sometimes looking for the path while standing on it. I will be taking precepts in Korea in Sep 13, I have previously taken them through Vietnamese Thien (Zen) tradition.  I normally do not post online due to not thinking I have anything to add, and to avoiding arguments over perceptions, opinions, mental formation etc. which I have in abundance but now try to see as puffs of smoke, and try to relinquish my attachments to an I, Me, Mine world view – changing a personal mantra of “be reasonable see it my way’ to “don’t know/none of my business”.   Back to the point – gladly taking and enjoying the offerings of your web site while never giving, might be a tad selfish. So here goes:

When last visiting South Korea with my wife Elze, we had the pleasure of spending a morning with my teacher. On a later visit I was lucky to be given some calligraphy (from him not drawn by him).
rest deeply
I was told it meant rest deeply (I can’t remember the Korean), I have it on the wall in our bedroom and regularly think about it and what a wonderful gift to my practice it would be if I could incorporate into my being.
Chong Go Sunim recently advised me that I’m glad to hear that you’ve been practicing with everything that comes up, and handling it as well as can be expected. As I’m sure you know, it’s all about facing things while completely emptying yourself of everything you think you know.


I’ve been thinking a lot about emptiness and something Daehaeng Kun Sunim said, that if you think about your foundation in the morning, and again in the evening, it’s as if all the time in between is seamlessly connected to both.

My perfectionist mind kind of went, “well, okay, I guess.” but these days I’m thinking it really is true. I’m not sure what this means for you, but it’s what came to mind as I was reading your letter.”

To me it means my peacefulness can be measured by the amount of the I, Me , Mine I can relinquish – at least I have something to occupy myself with for next few centuries 🙂

Cheers and with Metta